Do You Fancy Yourself An Urban Adventurer?

The following article first appeared on the M2now website and was written by Nile Bijoux
If you’re the type of person to just take a left and see where it leads you, you need some good rubber on your feet. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a place you have no idea the true location of with the beginnings of a blister forming on your heels, and sore ankles. Proper shoes can sort a lot of your out, so if this seems like a bit of you then read on!

The Kiwi urban adventurer needs shoes that can handle everything from sudden downpours to gravel roads to rocky outcrops on a spit of quiet, empty sand. That’s where Ahnu comes into play.

These guys know that people want shoes that can hike all weekend, and also be comfortable in a Ponsonby bar. For example, the Ahnu Fulton Low and Mid cuts are both designed with tackling the hills on Saturday and keeping your feet snug at your mates housewarming that night.

They have features such as waterproofed outsides, Aegis anti-microbial treated footbed to minimize odour-causing bacteria and something called “Numentum Commute”which features a “removable internal polyurethane midsole with U-shaped heel stabilizer”. Clearly the folks at Ahnu know their footwear, and where to put developmental emphasis. These pieces of kit are perfect for those who need to do a lot of things, but don’t want to swap shoes.

If you want something a bit more suited to city-life, then take a gander at the Cortland. It’s a shoe that places a lot of it’s selling power in its general useability. Pair it with a nice pair of jeans and a crisp shirt and hoooo boy, now you’re drawing gazes. It’s got the same waterproofing and the same treated footbed as the Fulton but with an appearance angled toward the smart casual man.

Buy Ahnu Men’s Cortland Shoes in Museum colour

If you’re looking for something to support your city wandering or weekend mountaineering – or both – then definitely hit up Ahnu. They’ll keep you on the right track and get you to the top!

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